Saturday, September 11, 2010

I can turn the lights out now

my heart will raaccee. So I can turn the lights out now, my hard drive will bee eraaased.

The power just went out in my house. It was only for a moment, then the circuits flowed again. In fact I didn't even have to turn back on my computer, it restarted for me. Loyal computer is loyal.

Woke up pretty late today, as I spent today's early morning on the internet. Spent late last night re-routing my grandmother's computer wiring behind her desk. She had one of those APC power strip/surge protector/backup battery packs. We had a power surge a week ago when we were gone and it blew up our router while draining the battery. Replaced the battery, got a new (and improved!) wireless b/g/n router. Emailed the APC place and am in the process of talking them into paying for the battery and new router. I could use that money (around $100) for something else if my grandma would give it to me. I don't know why she wouldn't, I mean if I didn't do all the work there's no way she would have. Anyway, there's a bundle of things I could use... and most of them come from
My dick is more reliable.

Speaking of, I'm looking at a rather tasty 200mw red laser pointer on there right now. Pops balloons, ignites matches, burns skin. This would be prime for playing pranks on people. I could just imagine it now: A rushed student grabs a seat at lunch time to eat his sandwich. Ham on white, plowing it in his mouth he has no idea that, across the court a prankster shines a powerful laser at the bag that was left next to him. As the paper bag starts to burn, a fuse becomes visible, and sets sparks shooting from it, only to touch down the heat onto a string of blackcats, setting the whole court astir with angst. LOL
I wouldn't really do something like that at school... or anything... LOL would be funny though. 

Does anyone skate? Rollerblade? Longboard? Snowboard? I love these things. Ever since I was a young kid, I loved being driven by wheels. It started with rollerblades, I would tear it up in the park when I was a kid. Then my focus moved to skateboarding with my homies. There's nothin' quite like waking up at the crack of dawn and mobbin' the park with your homies. As soon as I was old enough to make sense of anything, I asked to learn to snowboard. Hah! My first snowboard was a K2 piece-of-junk from a pawn shop my dad got for a hundred bucks. Doublewide, man that think sucked. But I love my dad endlessly for introducing me to my now favorite sport. 

Get get.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm sorry I've been lacking in my blogger duties lately. I have a lot on my plate and a lot on my mind at the moment. Blogging is certainly on the bottom of my list, but my brothers are not. In fact I spent an hour yesterday visiting 50+ blogs, and giving them the attention the deserve. Stay strong.

So last night as I was about to go to bed, I was brushing my teeth and I hear from my dark living room "mmmmuuuhhhhhhhh.... hhhnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmm.....uuuhhhhhhhhhhnnn...." so I turned the light on. It was a DINO!!! No lol it was my grandma laying on the couch moaning while clutching her stomach. I asked her if she was alright and she said she wanted to go to the emergency room. Now I don't want you to get the wrong picture, my grandma is not some brittle old lady. She's a very... wise, active woman (her mouth is active, I should say), so when I see her hunched over crying out like this, the only thing I can think is "..doesn't seem that bad." After a few minutes she was in front of the toilet hurling her homemade soup, while still giving me the chilling sounds of "UUUUUHHHhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...." So I geared up, and waited patiently in the living room for her. When she settled down some She asked me to rub her back, so I did, like the good grandson I am. Another half hour flies by and I'm almost passed out in my chair... And I said fuck that, and went to bed. After talking with her this morning she said "I feel great now!" and said nothing more of it.

--LOL so I'm talking with a Marine recruiter right now. Persistent Marines are persistent. He asked me like a thousand questions about my life and, since I don't have much to hide I told him everything he wanted to know. He seemed pretty satisfied that I was going to college, and seemed very interested about me not having very good funding sources, and told me about all the wonderful programs that the Marines offered. We even made plans to get some coffee on Monday. He then asked me to go through a "screening process", where he asked me about my affiliation with the law. I told him about how I have had several tickets in the past for stupid things like, being in a closed park after it's closed, and not fully stopping at a stop sign. He waved it off and said things like that happen to everyone. He then asked me about my drug use history. This is when I laughed. I told him "Haha, you want to know about all of them?". I told him about how I used to smoke weed, and he seemed ok about that. And I told him about how I took some goombas in high school. I even told him about my trips with uncle Sal. Then as soon as I had mentioned I had taken ecstasy.... "Oh ok well I'm sorry but there isn't much I can do for you then, the Marines have a very strict no drug policy. Sorry to take up your time". "What, so were not going to meet for coffee on Monday?", "Well it would only be wasting your time as since you admitted to doing drugs the Marines has nothing to offer you", "Well what if I'm still interested in learning about it? What if I want to become a Military Scientists?", "Well I don't want to waste your time so, have a good day sir".

I loled. The military is only interested in you if you can serve them, otherwise they don't give a rats ass about you.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Makes me lol everyime.


Just some things that are on my mind.

Apparently Russia is going to set off bombs in S. Korea, letting N. Korea take the blame. China and Russia will join with N. Korea as Europe and the Americas fight off the Axis of Evil. The war will last 4 years, but Australians aren't going to be effected, so don't worry mate.

ACTA is about to be signed and initiated. This is simply a treaty though, an agreement to start thinking about doing something about counter-fitting. Better download those movies you've been wanting to watch before it's too late. Otherwise, stay tuned as we try to fight the Big Business superpower and start a revolution. 

The Tea Party is recruiting more and more mindless conservatives by the day, and the numbers are grouping together to "Restore America". What they really want is to get rid of the blacks, Jews, Muslims, legals, illegals, aliens- basically anyone who doesn't agree with them. We'll be taking on that challenge along with the ACTA bullshit, so stay tuned if you give a shit about the country.

And last but not least, my lifestyle this summer has been a backaching one. Not from pulling weeds or lifting heavy objects, but because I've spent most of it on this damn computer. Of course, I've let my file folders run wild since I got my baby, so it is my fault it was a tangled mess. But with my new favorite desktop program TaggTool, tagging and searching for files is cake brah. Get it while it's hot. 

Where is old man winter...

Finally it had rained on my Oregon homeland. Not a single drop since last winter, or a good shower anyway, but the boycott had finally been lifted by the heavens and we have RAIN! God knows we need it. This drought is in it's prime, they said. Well a little hope and maybe a prayer or two could turn things around. Considering my favorite activity of all time is snowboarding, rain and snow are most important. Our snow season has been increasingly shifting later on the road, turning the usual Thanksgiving opening day for my local Ski Resort to more of a late December opening day usual. They predict we will have an early heavy winter this year- I would only be so satisfied.