Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where is old man winter...

Finally it had rained on my Oregon homeland. Not a single drop since last winter, or a good shower anyway, but the boycott had finally been lifted by the heavens and we have RAIN! God knows we need it. This drought is in it's prime, they said. Well a little hope and maybe a prayer or two could turn things around. Considering my favorite activity of all time is snowboarding, rain and snow are most important. Our snow season has been increasingly shifting later on the road, turning the usual Thanksgiving opening day for my local Ski Resort to more of a late December opening day usual. They predict we will have an early heavy winter this year- I would only be so satisfied.


  1. I can't wait for it to start getting cold. :)

  2. Snow is the best... imo. Cold weather is so numbing. Everything is still. Its like the world stops.

  3. By the way, I actually F5'd you 60 times. :) Hopefully same can be done to mine. Someone just started spamming my ads and it's getting annoying. Make sure to block people.