Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To all my blogging cuddies

This means yo sexy ;-]

I've been playing waitress on Friday night in a busy restaurant called my life, and the food on one side of the tray weighs just a tad more than the drinks on the other side, and honestly it's kind of hard balancing it all with one hand above my head.

But fear not my blogging bros, I will return to the community with open arms and gifts for all who accept really insignificant but possibly important gifts. 

Until my return, peace out fellas, and keep being awesome.

picture slightly related

like I owed the bitch a show

I would have to say, this week has gone by extremely fast. Earlier today I was trying to figure out what day it was, when I realized what day it was!

Monday my Creative Writing teacher canceled class on account of Sunday being Halloween, and said "you know man... like I'd come out of my house in the mornin' and see some of student's just passed out on my lawn... makeup and wigs and shit... they'd wake up and and I'd ask em if they wanted coffee." This is fortunate for me considering I had spent Halloween partying in the streets, smoking in the park, and breaking into the science building at my university. Monday was here and like hell I was going to class. I ended up waking up when the rest of my classes were over anyway so there isn't much I could have done.

Tuesday I woke up extremely late (go figure) and contemplated skipping my pool session of scuba diving, but I figured if hurried I could make it. Grab my bags, jackets, gear, keys and wallet, phone, ipod, what else? A normally thirty minute drive was shortened to about ten minutes and I arrived at a time I thought was much... much later than it was. Booked it inside, striped down and got mi swimmies on, and I was ready for all the chlorine in the world. After a massive cleansing of my brain I had enough time to march to Japanese class and study some grammar for a half hour, right before one of my many tests. Monday and Tuesday just kind of... blended together.

Wednesday which is apparently today had rolled around, and I had studied for only one of the two tests in Japanese I would have. Last night I wrote up some notes on the Grammar test, but had forgotten to study for the second half of the vocabulary test. Shit! I thought. Recalling back to the list, I had remembered almost half the vocab from other occurrences and figured my best bet was to kill the grammar quiz, and wing the vocab test. But not before my ten o'clock rock climbing class. Mostly I spend my time bouldering since the climbing club does a good job at setting frequent routs up, and surprisingly enough the rest of the class spend most of their time tied in. I start my hour with a nice traverse to get warmed up, while scouting for newly set boulder problems. Then I either check em out, or start on one of my projects and see what's up. Today however A friend asked me to belay and afterwards I decided to give it a shot. About half way up the wall I realize my Japanese class was only minutes away, and I'm at the opposite downhill side of campus! So I reached around the ledge, busted a fat leg hook/hand match, reached for the finish, and geared down to pack up. I was out like hot shit, and I though I missed my conjugation quiz, I still made it in time for the grammar test and vocab test. Matched it up with some sutdyin' and homework sesh, drove home, bought some kings and smoked a joint on the bridge.

After my smoke I marched home and met up with some old cuddies. I watched em play street hockey a while and told them I couldn't ride my longboard anymore cause some bearings busted. The bro hooked up up with some old skate bearings and I set them up as soon as I could! Two seconds out the door and I see my trampoline lookin' all lonely. A few bounces before a skate sesh I suppose, I tell myself. Now, I've been workin' on some flips lately, but recently I maned up and took it the next step, 180 flips. Just like boom boom pow, I was knockin' front AND back 180 flips! I even managed the throw down a 360 flip in there. I had never felt more confident in myself then when I landed my first intentional 180 flip. Also, funny how I can't nerve up to do a straight backflip, but I can throw down with an additional spin. Tired as shit, I say goodbye and hit the streets with my longboard. Man it felt weird, my balance was way off. The board felt a lot more still than I remember, but it's been a month or two since I've been on it. It seriously feels like forever. I can't say I'm disappointed however, a few runs and I felt as good as I'd ever been, busting twenty foot nose manuals and narrow g-turns like I owed the bitch a show. Came home, finished some homework, smoked another bowl, landed some more flips... did some studying. Good day, but it definitely feels like Monday.

Now for tomorrow... >>'