Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Just some things that are on my mind.

Apparently Russia is going to set off bombs in S. Korea, letting N. Korea take the blame. China and Russia will join with N. Korea as Europe and the Americas fight off the Axis of Evil. The war will last 4 years, but Australians aren't going to be effected, so don't worry mate.

ACTA is about to be signed and initiated. This is simply a treaty though, an agreement to start thinking about doing something about counter-fitting. Better download those movies you've been wanting to watch before it's too late. Otherwise, stay tuned as we try to fight the Big Business superpower and start a revolution. 

The Tea Party is recruiting more and more mindless conservatives by the day, and the numbers are grouping together to "Restore America". What they really want is to get rid of the blacks, Jews, Muslims, legals, illegals, aliens- basically anyone who doesn't agree with them. We'll be taking on that challenge along with the ACTA bullshit, so stay tuned if you give a shit about the country.

And last but not least, my lifestyle this summer has been a backaching one. Not from pulling weeds or lifting heavy objects, but because I've spent most of it on this damn computer. Of course, I've let my file folders run wild since I got my baby, so it is my fault it was a tangled mess. But with my new favorite desktop program TaggTool, tagging and searching for files is cake brah. Get it while it's hot. 


  1. a lot of bad things are happening to america~ we have to fight back!

  2. TaggTool is pretty neat, used it for a little bit.

  3. Not looking forward to Tea party and ACTA....