Saturday, September 11, 2010

I can turn the lights out now

my heart will raaccee. So I can turn the lights out now, my hard drive will bee eraaased.

The power just went out in my house. It was only for a moment, then the circuits flowed again. In fact I didn't even have to turn back on my computer, it restarted for me. Loyal computer is loyal.

Woke up pretty late today, as I spent today's early morning on the internet. Spent late last night re-routing my grandmother's computer wiring behind her desk. She had one of those APC power strip/surge protector/backup battery packs. We had a power surge a week ago when we were gone and it blew up our router while draining the battery. Replaced the battery, got a new (and improved!) wireless b/g/n router. Emailed the APC place and am in the process of talking them into paying for the battery and new router. I could use that money (around $100) for something else if my grandma would give it to me. I don't know why she wouldn't, I mean if I didn't do all the work there's no way she would have. Anyway, there's a bundle of things I could use... and most of them come from
My dick is more reliable.

Speaking of, I'm looking at a rather tasty 200mw red laser pointer on there right now. Pops balloons, ignites matches, burns skin. This would be prime for playing pranks on people. I could just imagine it now: A rushed student grabs a seat at lunch time to eat his sandwich. Ham on white, plowing it in his mouth he has no idea that, across the court a prankster shines a powerful laser at the bag that was left next to him. As the paper bag starts to burn, a fuse becomes visible, and sets sparks shooting from it, only to touch down the heat onto a string of blackcats, setting the whole court astir with angst. LOL
I wouldn't really do something like that at school... or anything... LOL would be funny though. 

Does anyone skate? Rollerblade? Longboard? Snowboard? I love these things. Ever since I was a young kid, I loved being driven by wheels. It started with rollerblades, I would tear it up in the park when I was a kid. Then my focus moved to skateboarding with my homies. There's nothin' quite like waking up at the crack of dawn and mobbin' the park with your homies. As soon as I was old enough to make sense of anything, I asked to learn to snowboard. Hah! My first snowboard was a K2 piece-of-junk from a pawn shop my dad got for a hundred bucks. Doublewide, man that think sucked. But I love my dad endlessly for introducing me to my now favorite sport. 

Get get.


  1. "My dick is more reliable." what lol

  2. Get violet laser pointer, become a god.

  3. @frank
    sounds intriguing...


  4. I just ordered a laser like that, made a small blog about it! Also followed yours :)

  5. I got a 100mW pot-modded Green Laser and a 200mW Red Laser, and was thinking about making the jump to a 1W Blue Laser, but I'm not sure right now.

    The red laser can't really burn skin unless you place a black dot from a sharpie or aim it at a beauty mark, as the skin difracts(?) the light so it won't concentrate enough to burn the skin. That's what happens when I point it at people and their skin (not that I was trying to burn their skin or anything).

  6. woah, how much did you get that for? from dragonlasers? I love them, my 55mW green just broke last week :(