Sunday, September 26, 2010

Holy mackerel

or tuna, there's ton's of warm turn on my porch. If you know what I mean ;)

Been really busy working and cleaning and fixing, and breaking, and helping drunk people this week, and I only got puke on my shoes once. 

but I also accidental stepped in shit. But yes I did clean my shoes, I left them all day soaking in water and then I just got through scrubbing them. They are much bettar!

Spent last night and part of this morning helping a mate from school get over her alcohol sickness. Me and the driver were the only sober ones of course, and we helped her out. 

Drove my car to my dad's mom's house to help her with gardening. Lately my car has been giving me trouble, and it's been smoking some after a while of use. I thought it was just steam coming from my engine because it was a few cold days, but I recently found out my engine was overheating. So I was driving it today to my grandma's place, and just as I figured it was overheating. Then my power... cut!! I had to start it up in the middle of the road, then drive to this old mart thing on the back road. Then I found out my antifreeze resivour has a leak in it, because it's totally empty!! The smoke was coming from over cookin' the machine, man! 

We talked to one of my grandma's friends and he told me the temperature gauge in the machine wasn't allowing water to flow correctly... and the motor in my fan might be fucked. And this it on top of many other problems with the car... I wish I knew more car stuff...

Hmm other than that, I got some sociology books for class. I'm starting my fourth term tomorrow so my time on blogger may be limited these next coming weeks. Or it may not, I have no idea. I'm sure I'll have plenty to talk about once school starts up, my life this summer has been so boring...

But thank you all who continue to visit my page, it means a lot. Don't be shy to drop a comment if you want to. Anyway goodnight


  1. Stevey ol' boy, you have my sympathy. Life's gonna get real monotonous, and real boring. If your anything like me, then this blog must make your day a bit better. I love the site man, following every time you update. You know Kane has your back :)


  2. i hope you make time out of time

  3. Dang, one thing leds to another uh? Hope that in the end Karma was by your side!

  4. And here I just always spray my shoes down with the hose.

  5. I had the exact same problem with my car!!


  6. Sorry to hear that man. Be careful with your car! Mine did the same thing and eventually the head cracked! Hope everything works out!