Monday, September 27, 2010

Strange days

First day of my fourth term at university was today.

It felt so weird being at school after the long summer break. I mean it feels just like everyday when I'm there, but it's only my second year. I mean sure, I've been in the same general area for almost twenty years now, but last year the university was still foreign to me. I know the ins and outs of this place, but I hadn't been around the college much since I started there, and this year feels really different.

And of course, the first thing I see when I come close to the university is a girl wearing a skirt walking around with it hiked up on her backpack, exposing her left asscheek. I almost died laughing.

Japanese class was paaacked when I came in fashionably late... lol I grabbed the only seat left in the back right corner. Awesome, eh? At least the people I sat next to were a lot cooler than last year's weaboos. I mean seriously, wtf is with these people?

Went to my creative writing class... and met the professor for the first time. I may have just found my new favorite teacher at the college. Not only was I also fashionably late for the class (lol...), but the first thing he says to me as I walk in the door was "sup dude". He has shabby medium length hair, khaki shorts, button down short sleeve shit that wasn't buttoned, and he starts thrashing our class with surfer hippie analogies that are fairly respectable. This guy is intense, and I really like him. w00t

Took the bus into town to check on my car... my grandma picked me up at the transfer station and we drove to the auto place. I guess the tow truck that picked the car up from my grandma's place just dropped it off at the auto place, on the wrong fucking lot and backed their work up, or something, I wasn't listening. Anyway, I can't get it 'till tomorrow, so grandmother drove me home...

About when I got situated my girlfriend texted me that she wanted to see me after school so I went to spend time with her... mostly flirted around, got some ice cream. You know, that kinda shit. Good shit, good shit, about an hour or two later I made it home, where I have the privilege to do 9 pages of Yapaneez homework. What a great way to start the year, huh?

Anyway, scuba diving first thing tomorrow morning, don't wanna be late! pce yall

heard this song on the radio at a supermarket and instantly thought of this...


  1. "warning, ABBA" might have been nice. yeech.

    Life sounds decent, though.

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  3. Glad that you're liking your first days back to University.

    It'll get hectic soon.

  4. You take Japanese? How are you liking it so far, mate? Have you gotten into the alphabets/character sets yet? And if so, which one :D

    Your avid follower,

  5. I have no idea why they are now playing Abba on the radio....but I like it!

  6. Haha the story behind the ABBA song, is well the two brothers were fooled by the girl, who told each of them the other was gay. She told them they had to be sensitive to each other, so thats why they were... dancing.. lol. Hilarious TV show, my favorite as a child.


  7. Sounds like a fine fine day to me - I wish I was back in undergrad after reading that. Stop by again sometime :)

  8. I hope you are enjoying college