Thursday, September 23, 2010

500 days

So who's been working this summer?

I spent today working for my father's house painting business. He does it by himself usually but since I'm not doing much this summer I've been helping him out. Work isn't so bad if you can life 50+lbs on call. My dad is a pretty chill boss so I don't have to worry about being uptight at work. He also has a high expectancy of work value and quality so I don't have to worry about doing a bad job. I just do my best and if it's not good enough we can figure it out together. Same goes for him haha.

Anyway, here is some places I've been working this summer.

This house was out in the woods kind of a ways. I guess it really wasn't that far from town, but the closes town was kind of far away from the biggest town in the area. Beautiful country out there. The guy who owned the house was this awesome scientist. He was on the working crew of the first space shuttle to the moon. He had tons of stories, he told me about how he helped the guys who made the fastest land speed record accomplish the goal. Sweet guy.

That's my dad, we were painting a barn at one of his friend's house that owns a refrigeration company. That roll-able ladder he's own was an awesome help.

This place was gorgeous to be at, with a brilliant view like that, it's easy to forget the rest of the world.

So what have you guys been doin'? Been working at all, saving up as much money as you can? Taking summer classes maybe, or enjoying the days away with a swim and a drink? Spent some time under the stars did you? That's what I love about summer, the warm nights spent outdoors.


  1. As a actual adult, I actually have to work or you know. Starve to death on the street.

    I fix things.

  2. Looks like you could use some new shoes :)

  3. Like 500 days of summer?
    Hahaha hard work man.

  4. @drack
    Yeah man or if you need to you could find a soup kitchen. I used to work in one and they make som damn good soup.

    It's covered, and they look good ;)

  5. amazing view, dont work too hard buddy

  6. I´m enjoying the last weeks before university. I´d love to work for my dad but it´s not really possible :>

  7. My dad used to work in a fucking biscuit warehouse.
    Shit was so awesome

  8. Oh man, do I know that feeling mate. Long hours in the sun, working your ass off... Feels good though, right? And makes that view all the more worthwhile. Keep up the awesome work brother!


  9. haha my shoes are like that too...