Friday, September 17, 2010

Restoring Sanity

So yesterday was a long day for me. After reviving a heartbreaking phone call from my mom, once again, I spent a few hours on my computer, making blogs and updating Facebook and all that good stuff (I've found that blogging will be the next big blow up with teenagers on the internet, it seems social networking like MySpace and Facebook are being overpopulated with tweens...). I drove to my moms house to spend time with her, and of course, the first thing that came out of her mouth was "NO! Get out. GO! GO! Leave! Ugh, you really got me in a mess this time." This "mess" she's talking about is the rehab program we scheduled. Actually she scheduled it, I simply dialed the number. I dialed the number because the first five times she tried doing it, she got the wrong number, and said "they blocked my phone". No... you just called the wrong number five times in a row...

Anyway she made an appointment, and I guess it's a "mess" according to her, and I'm the one who put her in it. I understand it's hard for extreme alcoholics to comprehend real life, but I'm at a breaking point with this, I'm not sure how much false finger pointing I can take. I've been taking the blame for ridiculous things like this from her all my life, but she's getting really serious about it. She's actually convinced herself that it's everyone else's fault that she has so many problems, and that she's done nothing wrong her whole life. You cannot convince that woman of anything. If she says the sky is red, well by god the sky is red.

But enough of my rants, I'mm try to keep those to as minimal as I can... I don't want my blog turning into a "look at me!" and "feel bad for me!" deal.

On a lighter note, this is the first time I've ever actually wished I lived on the east coast. No I'm not jealous of Snooki's golden orange tan, or The Situation's faux Italian lifestyle, and I'm definitely not jealous of their hurricanes. Hmm, well it definitely can't be Wall Street, I'm not jealous of their corruption... Hmm then what could it be?

My bro Dodd has the hook right here. The funniest Jew on television is undoubtedly John Stewart. Even if you don't like him, if you think his jokes are low-blows, or if you just fail to see the truth in his mockery, he is a funny dude. His best comic genius comes from solid attacks on unfaithful politicians, because someone has to do it. He like to point out the flaws in the system and how sneaky the power-elites are able to get by with such trash in our government. Most news television is trash to watch anyway, may as well get some laughs with Stewart and Colbert.

Bring in the National Mall, here comes the Million Moderate March. This will be a huge step for moderates and Libertarians all over the US, showcasing that fighting far right extremism with far left extremism is NOT the way American's want this nation to be run. War after war, protest after protest, can't we have some middle ground? If you live closer than I do to this gloriously hilarious event, I urge you to attend and show your moderate pride.

*quick 90 degree head turn* This just in, Google has sent me... MAIL! And not even that crap electronic mail, but REAL paper mail! I thought Google was an internet-only kind of guy, but I guess the search guru can still lick a stamp.


NO STAMP? Is Google evading POSTAGE TAX? Shame on you Google, Tax Fraud is only for wealthy movie stars! The contents of the note are about AdSense... AdSense, I know I've heard that somewhere... Oh! That's where Google puts ads in your blog, and you can make money from it, right? I think there's something about that on my home page, let me go look.

Oh my gosh!!! I've make $50!!! Wow how is this possible!!?? Making money online? That's not heard of, it's a scam! How is this possible???

Apparently there's also a PIN involved, and I have to use it in order to receive my money. Well Mr. Google, I'm not falling for your games. There is no way you can make money online, it's absolutely horse dung. Send your spam elsewhere. Or better yet, send me a can of Spam, I'm hungry. ;(

Well folks thanks for reading, I'm off to mail away a box full of broken computer parts and see if I can get some money back that way, a legitimate way, using real stamps.


  1. nice post dude, hope things work out with your family.

  2. Nice Post, hope all goes well with your mother, and lol at google

  3. Wow nice news. Thanks for sharing.

  4. lol they dont need a postage stamp

  5. I love the sarcasm in your post! great humor

  6. Hope your family problems get resolved :/

  7. google = gods

    they control everything, including the post office :P

  8. ah the east coast. i live here and i dont really find anything interesting about it. maybe i just dont know how to live but it seems like no matter where you go its boring. it must all be the people you know that make life worth living

  9. The google mail seems legit. Go for it bro!
    50 bucks for unloading your heart here.


  10. Hey man, good luck with all your family issues. It always sucks to hear these kinds of stories =/.
    But laughter is a good escape from all that bad stuff, so it seems you've got something good, because Colbert and Stewart are hilarious.

  11. Family issues do suck! I hope you figure it out. :)

    Showing my daily support, would appreciate if you would visit my blog and have a read and comment what you think.


  12. Offloading broken parts on ebay?

  13. Hahaha, alright, you're hilarious. Following.