Monday, September 13, 2010

My grandma is one of those older types

who thinks the world is going to end any day now, and decided to can everything under the sun.

No, ok that's an exaggeration. She only cans about ten different things. She just makes like 1000 jars of each item. Peaches, pears, green beans, okra, and salsa are her favorites. I'm not a big fan of her cooked salsa, but yesterday she surprised me with an AMAZING batch of fresh salsa. I was definitely in love. Fresh salsa is one of my favorite things of all time. ALL TIME.

Just had lunch. Yes, it is 5:16, so I suppose I should call it dinner. Then my next meal will hopefully be much later tonight, because it was a beast. I unthawed a chicken wiener on the bbq, and let it sit. Then I got some smoked salmon a family friend of ours brought by yesterday. I unthawed a hotdog bun and grabbed the Worcestershire sauce from the fridge, and grabbed the tongs of justice. 

Ten minutes or so on Medium heat, flip three times, sauce every flip... toast bun on last flip... take that bitch off the grill. :o Now... ASSEMBLE! Cut up the sausage, place evenly on toasted bun, apply smoked salmon inserts, and you have the most amazing meal you could come up with in an instant with a stocked fridge like mine. :D

Fuckin' justice.


  1. Holy crap, so many jars! I would buy some if I was anywhere near you.

  2. damn that looks delicious O:
    making my mouth water

  3. Good stuff, Supportin!

  4. Very nice!


  5. Lol she makes applesauce, canned tomatoes, a variety of jams and spreads...