Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just stepped on a bee


It's probably been five+ years since I've been stung by a bee, and I gotta say, it's not as bad as I remember. 

^^^ That happened to me once. A long long time ago, me and some of my friends were out plying in a pear orchard behind our middle school. We saw this box sitting alone by a tree... we knew it was a bee's box, so of course being children the first thing we thought was "let's throw a big ass rock at it!", and we did indeed. About a minute later, each of us looked that like lady up there, without the smiles. We thought if we just stood still they wouldn't notice us and just leave... LOL were we wrong...

About a minute later our nerves got the best of us, and the oldest of our group decided to book it like a mad man. Screaming, got his game face on, he charged the orchard and soon after, the rest of us followed. What's it like to see a bunch of kids covered in bees running and screaming across an orchard, flailing their arms like Michael Phelps on land?? Pretty fuckin' hilarious I would say.

Luckily for us though, we didn't get one single sting. Defective bees in Oregon, eh?

I've decided that I only want one video on my page at a time. Considering my blog settings are set to allow five posts per page, this means one video per five posts. On the contrary, I might find a particular video very alerting and "update" worthy, so there very well may be more than one video per page. But no more than two. Or three. Definitely no more than five, that's a promise. Unless it's a holiday, or Sunday. Exceptions apply.

These videos will most likely come from my favorites list on youtube, so expect to see a lot of cool/funny junk. I'm not a Vlogger myself so don't expect to see my ugly mug in any of these vids. But watch closely, you might see your ugly mug.

In honor of spazzy arms, I give you this.

This video was posted by another blogger just recently, hope copypasta doesn't offend you.


  1. thats a new type of turtle neck ive never seen before

  2. Why is she smiling with all those bees on her? I would be screaming.

  3. Lol it is copypasta but i love the video hahah

  4. DUDE we used to always have bee hives in our backyard. we always threw huge boulders at it!!

  5. i hate bees. would have died because one of those fuckers scares me like a horde of lions chasing me.

  6. Fuck bees. I hate those little yellow bastards.

  7. I have not been stung by a Bee ever.
    I guess Im lucky :)

  8. Showing my support for a fellow blogger.

  9. lol it's the internet, who will hate you posting awesome vid.


  10. nice post! i like it ;)
    supportin you ;)!

  11. I stepped on a bee the other day too. It wasn't that bad.. until a week later it swelled up and wouldn't stop itching. Horribly annoying :<

  12. that firt guy in the video is going to bite his tongue off!