Thursday, October 28, 2010

my absence

School has started as most of us know. The Duke's are out showing off and the Hipsters are flashing their goods. The pretty girls walk so proud and it's hard not take a glance. Back into the world of sterotypes as cultures murge and mingle, socialize and classify. Students are becoming aware and disoriented; good thing that shit is decriminalized ;). And that shit is good is what my source says, and I can vouch for it personally. The leaves are now turning red and have fallen again, and along comes the wind to keep us inside. No longer do the skateboarders fly down the path, the rain has washed them out. Two coats is almost necessary and I'm more than glad to good use out of them. But bundled up some of us may be, there are those without a furnace, without a partner to cuddle, without a soul to keep their mind occupied with, which brings great ache to some of us to can relate.

And all I can do is think about going snowboarding. With early winds and rain comes hope of a strong and wild winter; something I could only wish for. I spent all summer fixing a delam on a new (used) board I bought from craigslist, waxing my babies, watching videos and going stoopid-doodoo-dumb on my longboard. I've been waiting for this season since- practically the end of last season! I bought my season pass early and saved like 1/3 the price, and it'll be ready when I pick it up. As far as my plans go, I'll be transferring to a new University next year so this could be my last season at my local mountain, and I'm more stoked than I've ever been before. I mean... I just wanna get out there!!

I'm also uber stoked for going snowmobiling. My dad traded some work this summer for an older two seater snowmobile that he's going to let me ride out with a friend. Riding up a mountain and making super fresh pow runs makes me cream just thinking about it. The only problem I'm facing is all my boarder friends are away for college!! Maybe I can round up some peeps to go with me but I'm totally fine boarding alone. I like the sense of solitude and freedom being alone gives me.

So again I must apologize for my absence. My life is continuously a part of a juggling act that I keep going in hopes to someday discontinue. Not my life, but the juggling act. It's hard for me to start something and complete it in the same sitting, primarily at the home that I live, with my grandparents. There is always something that is in its in between stages and wrapping it all up and saying "finished" never happens. There's no regulations, no systems, no order, no collective contentiousness of the problems that I'm surrounded with, which keeps things very interesting at my home. However much I try to wrap things up and at least say "It'll work", I continuously find flaws and problems that prevent me from being satisfied with the whole operation. I believe this process with continue at least until I find a way to move out of the house and into my own living setting, where I can call the shots and create a seriously living environment with actual order. Until then my friends I will be a mess, a constant rift in the stream of "the way things are" against my ideas of "how things should be", and you may or may not hear much from me. I guess that depends widely on my workload and my playtime. :)

Stay thirsty my friends.


  1. SNOWMOBILING sounds so fun... im stoked too :D

  2. "I like the sense of solitude and freedom being alone gives me." I know that, dude. it rules

  3. Winter is deff my favorite season

  4. "I like the sense of solitude and freedom being alone gives me." - that is poetry right there