Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Strange dreams are strange....

I was out back behind my house with my grandma and my neighbor. We were doing... something. Then my grandma went inside and it was just us, and my neighbor's girlfriend arived. I kept hinting that I wanted to go smoke with him and his girlfriend. We were talking about going on a walk and so when we did, we took a secret passage in a fence next to my house, through a door that's not there in real life. lol I was hitting on his girlfriend when he wasn't around... The moon was out and the clouds were bright. It was a gorgeous night..

The moon has always been a big symbol for me.. Ever since I was a kid it's been really important to me. It's given me strength whenever I watch it at night, and even in the daytime. Whenever I see it I feel OK, it makes everything in the world make sense all at once, like there's no problems with anything. As if even if life isn't going that great, the moon will still be there, night after night, no matter what. It's reliable, and magnificent. Goregous, absolutely breathtaking for me...

My dream kind of jumps all over the place. My neighbor and I were walking down my town's only main highway in the middle lane at night with my neighbor, and a copy of him ran up to my from the side of the road and yelled "I want a hug!" and so he ran up and I have him one. I haven't been really friendly with my new neighbor (he was my old high school Biology teacher's student teacher when I was going to that high school. Cool guy though.) so maybe this symbolizes I need to make friends with him before I leave away from home?

Then I had my feet in water... I was at an indoor pool... tons of kids were there, my age, some from my school... maybe all of them were from my school. Everyone had fishing poles and they were casting out... it's almost like the pool was the pool of life, and everyone was trying to get a good one for the future. Well... my fishing rod was flimsy and my hook was a soda can tab... maybe symbolizing my rough upbringing in life... I had my feet in the water and along came this shark and I couldn't stand it, it freaked me out so bad I had to take my feet out right before it passed. For some reason it was OK until he came really close to me... Now that I remember it, I think I was the only one (relatively close to me) who had their feet in the water, and no one else seemed to notice the shark but me.

And I was talking to one of my high school friends Drew... He kept asking me what my plans were for life. He was really excited about his cast and seemed to love what he was doing. I told him I'm not sure exactly what I was doing... that's around the time the shark came by. He passed my legs right when I woke up.


Honestly that's only part of it, I couldnt remember the whole thing, the beginning of this post starts somewhere in the middle of the dream. I've been having a lot of strange dreams lately. Like last night my dream was super crazy. I was trying to infiltrate this... fantasy house, CS_Assault status. But it was like a giant carnival ride, or a machine, it was moving around and... crazy shit was going on. It was like Mario land, honestly, and me and a buddy were trying to sneak in through the rafters. I made a distraction by dropping bombs down a ventilation shaft while he went in through the window. Then I posted up a sniper on the far corner and waited... next thing I know the whole place transformed and we were playing games for our lives, like real life Mario Party.

I don't know, I'm going to start recording my dreams more often. Are there any dream readers out there?


  1. oh god I have crazy dreams all the time :P

  2. Crazy dream. For some reason I never dream unless I'm on some sort of pill... kinda sucks, shit like this seems entertaining.

  3. That's insane. My dreams are never that detailed or weird. I never even remember them.

  4. ou shit i remember those sharks from somewhere bad trip maan

  5. haha weird dream. I hardly ever have them:(

  6. I have weird dreams all the time, I'm used to them by now o.o but seriously XD This one is WHACK!

  7. I could write a book about the freaky dreams I've had. From playing an RTS game to a movie complete with the scrolling titles.