Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daily post...

How do you people like your coffee? This is a serious question.

Pic related, I like my coffee black as hell. I feel like I'm getting the full coffee experience when I drink it black. The dark robust flavor that you can only acquire when sipping the black mucky goodness from a white coffee mug... it's brilliant. It speaks to you as it flows down your throat, it says "Yes, I am a real person. I'm here to fuck shit up, kick ass and take names, and yes, my beard did just grow."

These coffee drinks, on the other hand...

These are pussy drinks. They're more like deserts than actual coffee. I'm not even sure if there's any coffee in there, to be honest. Not to mention they cost like three times as much as actual coffee does. Granted, that are delicious works of art, they are not coffee. It's like sugar with chocolate and ice, with a coffee shot, and whip cream on top.

Special coffee...

Special Coffee, this is the kind of shit French people make. Not that it's a bad drink, it's just there isn't hardly any coffee in it. It's mostly milk! Milk is good, and I suppose this drink would be better for you in the morning than regular black coffee, but it's... just... not the same. 

The one that really, REALLY drives me nuts is the Americano. WTF is that? Its mostly water!! Why the fuck would you pay for watered down coffee? Most places I've been to a medium watered down coffee is like $2, when a medium cup of regular black coffee is around, well, $2. And people buy this shit! Do they really like watered down coffee, or do they just have no idea what's in their coffee? I'm going to take the latter, people are pretty dumb.

Anyway I'm done bitching. Here is one of my favorite coffee-wholesale websites. They offer TONS of flavors of coffee, from all over the world. It's kind of spendy, but they make great Christmas gifts, and the coffee is amazing... Mmmm..

Stay thirsty my friends.